Got Performance MagePhobia?

    MagePhobia offers Comprehensive Magento Performance Optimization services.
Our Sys Admins work with Magento and worked only with Magento for years, they know how the platform works on the server inside-out! Our US based Technicians will work directly with you and your server(s) to achieve best results possible. Technical Support is available 24/7 via ticketing, chat, and phone.

    Also, MagePhobia provides reliable Managed Hosting Plans with included Magento Performance Optimization where we host only and only Magento. Our data-centers are located in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Munich (Germany).

    How does this work?
As soon as we have access to your server(s) either direct shell or screenshare we will research bottlenecks on your machine(s) and determine next steps in order to improve Magento performance, reduce page load times, and consequently increase customer satisfaction, shopping experience and sales.

    MagePhobia uses modern techniques and proprietary technologies to be able to boost your Magento. Such technologies and features include, but not limited to:

  • HHVM (by facebook)
  • memcached
  • apc
  • nginx (fcgi) + php-fpm
  • redis
  • custom caching modules

    MagePhobia monitors your Magento health status, response time, up-time, as well as performs server's software tuning when needed.

    MagePhobia can scale, extend and expand your Store into multiple servers to gain peak performance. MagePhobia implements custom solutions for specific needs of a client. That includes, but not limited to:

  • Load Balancer configuration and setup
  • Master-Slave replications
  • Multi web-node setup
  • Content delivery network integration


Performance Optimization included with MagePhobia Technical Support plans.

We Love Our Customers

    Team of US based Certified Magento Engineers will work directly with you (no middle-men) to make sure MagePhobia provides best quality technical services. Some of our Magento Engineers are ex-Magento employees who built Magento for several years and know Magento inside-out.
    MagePhobia provides affordable
Magento Services with one of the best quality on the market.
    Our US based Technical Support is provided exclusively by our Certified Magento Developers and System Administrators, and is available 24/7 via ticketing, chat, and phone.
    MagePhobia offers short and long-term contracts as well as 'per job' basis contracts. We refund in case of unsatisfactory results which, we believe, will not occur ever.

We are all-in for customer satisfaction!