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    We can help you go through SEO Best Practices.
There are many articles from companies around the net that talk about SEO hints and tricks, and best practices. Lets not start this one with what SEO is and why it is beneficial for your Magento store, but instead let us bullet point and summarise what is needed for Magento Store to be most relevant in search results and effect it has on Magento sales.

    Basic Search Engine Optimization features are already implemented in Magento. Such features include, but not limited to:

URL key customizable field, that lets you setup relevant, high-value category and product keywords via which you can improve the way the page is indexed by search engines. For many merchants, modifying catalog URLs is part of an ongoing effort to improve SEO.
The URL Rewrite Management tool lets you change any URL that is associated with a product, category, or CMS page. When the redirect goes into effect, any existing links that point to the previous URL are automatically redirected to the new address.
Changing Page Title tag via HTML Head section of Magento Admin Panel. This will tell Google the most important information what your Store is about. The page title is the first line of Google’s listing on its search results page.
Changing Product Title to as fully describe the product page as possible.
Ability to enter Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords (not used by Google since 2009) by default. Meta information is essentially your first level of contact with potential customers that are searching for relevant key words. Your title and description is a selling tool that will either motivate a user to click your link or not. It is wise to use a descriptive title and a description that includes relevant words that a potential customer might search.
Changing “Auto-redirect to Base URL” to “Yes (301 Moved Permanently)”. This will avoid duplication of your content in Google.
Redirecting most common Search Terms to the landing spot where customers are taken when they search in your web store’s search engine.
Setting up robots.txt file that controls which pages of your site are indexed by search engines and how.
Sign Up for Google Web Master tools and use the tools to monitor your Sitemap and crawl statistics.
Sign Up for Google Analytics that provides detailed statistics about the traffic on your site, as well as information about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
Enable Sitemap generation. A sitemap is like a table of contents that lists every category and product in your store. Each entry is linked to the corresponding landing page of the category or product. Sitemaps help search engines index your site, and also give visitors a quick overview of the organization of your store and catalog. You may also add your sitemap to your Google Web Master tools.
Your theme should be able to differentiate Mobile users from Desktop users. By the way, MagePhobia implements and customizes responsive themes that are using Magento Design Exceptions to show proper version of content to the device requesting the page as well as to Desktop or Mobile Google bot. Take few minutes to take a look at our Magento Theme Demo!
    There are merchants who believe that Magento is not 'SEO-friendly', there are others who claim that it is. In reality, Magento has matured enough to have most of the tools and abilities needed to be managing successful SEO campaigns. There is no guarantee your Magento store will be ranked #1 in organic search results. However, just by properly using default tools you can get pretty good amount of love from Goolge and consequently good sales conversion rate. But hey, there is never 'too good' and never enough when it comes to Magento Search Engine Optimization. Additionally to all the tools already implemented in default Magento there are many extensions available through Magento Connect that can improve your SEO and relevancy of your keywords.

    We can help you go through SEO Best Practices as well as pin point areas to be improved as far as your product description, catalog structure, and the need of custom extensions concerned.

Basic SEO included with MagePhobia Technical Support plans.

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