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Advanced Image URL Import for Magento®

Quick Overview

Advanced Image URL Import allows merchants to import external images from URLs as well as using default Magento® Image Import flow.

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In a modern world of commerce merchants may no longer have the need and will to store and handle media data conventional way on their local hard disks, and therefore they move media data to clouds. Regardless of what service/cloud holds images such media needs to be imported into Magento® to be served for products. Unfortunately, native Magento Import tool does not support external or remotely hosted image url import.

MagePhobia Advanced Image URL Import extension for Magento® allows merchants to use URL links as a source of the image via Magento® Import tool and import external or remotely hosted HTTP / HTTPS / url links as images into Magento. Advanced Image URL Import extension also provides 2 additional ways of CSV structure: Flat image list import and Semicolon separated images. Flat image list import flow assumes each image source or URL to be in separate columns in Import CSV File while Semicolon separated flow allows to have all external image sources or URLs semicolon separated in a single column.

Currently, Advanced Image URL Import extension support three external or remotely hosted image importing methods:

1. Default Magento® Image import utilizing URLs instead of physical image source.
Example Import File

2. Flat image list import flow - all images or image links are in a single row in Import CSV file. This method simplifies import by not requiring any of the standard Magento® required media attributes such as _media_attribute_id , _media_is_disabled , _media_lable , _media_position .
Example Import File

3. Semicolon separated images or image links in a single column filed. This method also simplifies import by not requiring any of the standard Magento® required media attributes such as _media_attribute_id , _media_is_disabled , _media_lable , _media_position .
Example Import File

Advanced Image URL Import extension for Magento® includes Magento® core fix for memory leak during image import and allows to import unlimited amount of images.

Features (applies to all import methods described below features list):

1. Does not break native Magento® image import functionality.

2. Ability to import image links into Magento® as well as physical images. Support for eBay and Amazon images included.

3. _media_attribute_id is no longer required as it is pulled from eav_attribute.

4. _media_is_disabled is no longer required. if _media_is_disabled is not present in the import file the image is Enabled (Active, Visible).

5. _media_label is no longer required. If _media_label is not present in the import file product's name will be used as image label.

Note: _media_lable (misspelled) left untouched for default Magento® import file structure backward compatibility.

6. _media_position is no longer required. if _media_position is not present in import file incremental position will be used for next image. Example: You are importing 2 images. First Image will have position #1, second #2.

7. Added image import methods:

7.1. Flat image list - all images or image links are in a single row in Import CSV file.

The format is as following (each flat_* is a column):

flat_image_1_url flat_image_1_label flat_image_1_position flat_image_1_is_disabled flat_image_2_url flat_image_2_label flat_image_2_position flat_image_2_is_disabled

where media_attribute_id, label, position and is_disabled are not required.

7.2. Semicolon separated images or image links in a single column filed.

The format is as following (single column):


which contains semicolon separated image paths or image links you wish to import.

Example: http://your.domain.com/image1.jpg;http://your.domain.com/image2.jpg

Please refer to screenshots and sample import files distributed with extension.

Extension package contains linked image import test CSV files.

Extension is Compatible with Magento® Community Edition 1.5+ ; Magento® Enterprise 1.12+

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

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I would recommend this product Review by Coff33b3an
I would recommend this product. It has saved me a lot of time uploading products and images. The images are fetched directly from the supplier's URL saving me time having to take each individual image and save them to my image gallery.

The support is excellent and besides giving advice and answering all my questions, they installed the extension for me as well and helped me to test it. I had support to fix any errors which I had overlooked. I was also offered further services from the developers if I required any additional Magento work to be carried out for which they offered to quote me on my requirements.

Thank you.
Auriel Bartley
(Posted on 12/17/2015)
This extension will import your images from url Review by lvguitars

We bought this extension for the only main purpose of importing the product images from our old site to magento. We had a few hick up at the beginning possibly because we left compilation enable and we didn't follow thru their instructions to use the header correctly, but Anthony and his team helped us very fast and corrected the issues. We are now able to import the images the way we wanted!
Thanks for your help guys!
(Posted on 11/23/2015)
Awesome Support!!!!!! Review by rrossitto
They answered all my questions immediately! Sending updated versions to address my issues super fast. Highly recommend them! Extension saved me tons of time. (Posted on 11/18/2015)
Dumb Magento Import Review by Alina
How come after so many years in business Magento did not develop this functionality ? We greatly appreciate your work guys. (Posted on 11/5/2015)
Outstanding Support! Review by Oliver
MagePhobia support helped me through every step from downloading the extension down to successful import of my images using links and gave us other useful advises on Import/Export process and server tuning. (Posted on 9/23/2015)

5 Item(s)

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