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Bloomreach Search integration extension for Magento®

Quick Overview

Bloomreach Search integration extension for Magento®

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In a modern world, customers want to be known and expect really fast and personalized search result.
Site search can be one of the most useful tools in your ecommerce toolbox for helping customers browse products and information quickly and easily. Over 40% of customers believe that search is the most important functionality in eCommerce experience.
With MagePhobia Bloomreach search integration for Magento® your customers will be fully satisfied and impressed. With user friendly site search, visitors are more likely to convert and more likely to come back to your site for more purchased information. Imagine how much more revenue you could generate with this tool!

Currently, Magephobia Bloomreach search integration extension provides features:
Does not break native Magento® search functionality.
Easy to install and configure
Provides easy switching between server and client side integration
Really fast result rendering
Easy to change search configuration such as: timeout, number results per page, available filters and sorts, auto suggestion
Search navigation without page reload
Advanced search filtration system
Provides easy switching between staging and production environment
Mobile friendly search
A lot of cool ideas that we’re going to implement soon in future updates

Extension Installation:
Unpack and copy all extension files to the Magento root folder
Log out of Amin Panel and then log back in Navigate to System -> Configuration -> MagePhobia Extensions -> MP BloomReach section. There are you should to find Magephobia Bloomreach search integration configuration options. Please configure account information under “Account Information” section and turn on “Use Bloomreach Search Engine” flag.
Navigate to System -> Cache Management . Select and refresh all cache types.
This is it! Extension has successfully been installed.

Extension configuration:
Navigate to System -> Configuration -> MagePhobia Extensions -> MP BloomReach section. There is you can find all extension configuration. Lets take a look on them one by one.

1. Account Information (required settings). You have to fill fields with Merchant Domain, Merchant ID, Authentication Key and Domain Key, which you can take from Your Bloomreach account.

2. Global Search Settings:
Use Bloomreach Search Engine – turn on / off search engine.
Search type: Client Side – uses jQuery and the BloomReach JS framework (br-mob.js) for send / get request data and render page. It works without reloading page. Server Side – uses server code for send / get data from Bloomreach system. Works with reloading page.
Is Staging Environment – Determines which server to retrieve data from (staging or prod).
Enable Full Brcdn JS loading – BloomReach provides JS framework br-mob.js to you. You can turn on full version loading of the file (property formatted) for better understanding and investigation.

3. Autosuggestion Settings:
Delay – The number of milliseconds between a keystroke and a suggestion request. Multiple keystrokes within the delay cause Autosuggest to wait until the last keystroke before requesting suggestions
Max Suggest Results – The maximum number of suggestions for Autosuggest to display
Min Length – The minimum number of characters users must type before Autosuggest requests suggestions

4. Search Settings:
Num Results – The maximum number of search results to show
Timeout – time before sending request
Available Filters – Comma-separated list. Format: filter_code|label. Example: product_type|Product Type,oem_manufacturer|Oem Manufacturer
Available Sorts – Comma-separated list. Format: sort_code|label. Example: relevance|Relevance,sale_price asc|Price: Low to High
Extension is Compatible with Magento® Community Edition 1.5+ ; Magento® Enterprise 1.12+

BloomReach SNAP Overview: Search, Navigation and Personalization

BloomReach SNAP captures the collective intelligence of your site and the web to create more relevant, engaging and personalized SNAP experiences.
Autosuggest suggests phrases and accurately match product results to consumer intent.
Search and Category page results use machine learning and big data, combined with personalization, to rank products smartly, allowing customer to find what they want most and thus optimizing for maximum revenue per visit.
More like this (MLT) single tap navigation guides users from the products that they want to the products that they must have.
Trending converts your browsing users to loyal customers by measuring referral traffic from social media sites and showing only the most popular products.
Just For You (JFY) with Dynamic Categories personalize user experience with custom search result and landing pages based on cross-device browse behavior for both known and unknown user

Choose an Integration type: Server-side vs. Client-side

All of the BloomReach SNAP services are provided through a REST API. You can integrate these services either through a server-side or client-side integration.
A server-side integration option is also available and may be a preferable option for many customers. Some of the benefits of a server-side integration include:
Integration replicability: Easier to leverage the integration effort across multiple devices (mobile, www, app, etc.)
Crawlability/SEO friendliness (key for category pages): web crawlers have only recently started executing JavaScript on the page in order to crawl its content - for now, it is safer to do a server-side integration to ensure the page content is easily crawlable.
Easier ownership and long-term maintenance: integrating with our REST API directly allows your IT team to fully own the code rendering logic and functionality on the page, eliminating dependencies on BloomReach during page upgrade or site redesign projects. Your team and BloomReach would only need to coordinate the addition of new data to the API as necessary to add functionality based on new data elements.
Enables internal database lookups: with a server-side integration, your team would have the ability to do real-time lookups on your database for updated product information such as pricing, product availability status, promotional flags, etc.
Easier site UI consistency: simply fit our API response data into the current page templates used by your website.
More flexibility: by calling our REST API directly you will have direct access to all the data in our API response without any post-processing, giving you full ability to develop new features with it.
A client-side integration is lightweight and should accommodate a lot of functionality on the page with the benefits outlined below, although it will be important for the development team to become familiar with the BloomReach JavaScript and, depending on the functionality on the page, write additional code to appropriately render the page accommodating the business rules.
Faster basic integration: No need to write any back-end code to act as a client to our REST API (especially items like cookie management and personalization require care.) The JavaScript client provides all the hooks needed to use the API (pre-developed library to call BR APIs.)
Faster responses: No additional round trips from our servers to yours.
Faster performance: No page loads after the first page load.
Immediate upgrades: New APIs may be immediately available for integration without any back-end work when BloomReach deploys new services.

We recommend server-side integration for category pages to ensure search engines can easily crawl all the relevant content on the page.

If you have any questions around which integration type to follow, your Technical Project Manager will be able to answer your questions. Once you have decided which integration type to follow, please refer to the appropriate integration section: Server-side or Client-Side. Note that regardless of the integration type you choose, the first step of the integration will be to ensure the tracking pixel and product feeds are properly set-up (see BloomReach Platform Data Inputs below.)
BloomReach Platform Data Inputs
BloomReach SNAP machine-learning algorithms require the following inputs in order to optimize the user experience.
Tracking pixel
Product Feed
As part of any type of integration, either client-side or server-side, these should be provided as early as possible in the integration process in order to allow the BloomReach systems to start ingesting the data to optimize and fine-tune the ranking and relevance algorithms.

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Worked like charm Review by Josh Akacia
Bloomreach integration was normally taking 1 month for our clients, and now it is taking about a week - saves a lot of time and headache! (Posted on 5/10/2016)

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